Which Chili Peppers Are Used in Chili Powder?

Chili powder is a popular seasoning used worldwide, and different regions use different peppers to make theirs, along with other spices. When you’re making chili, you’re most likely to use a jar of Mexican-style chili powder, which often includes cayenne peppers, New Mexico chilies, chipotle peppers, ancho peppers, and/or chile de arbol peppers. Spanish chili powder often includes Aleppo peppers, which Caribbean mixes use piri piri peppers and Korean chili powder features gochu peppers.

Chuck 'The Chili Guy' Miller

Hey I'm Chuck "The Chili Guy" Miller. Chili is my passion so I have expertly crafted my list of tried and true award worthy chili recipes that will warm your soul. My gift to you from one chili connoisseur to another. - Chuck

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