About Me

Chuck Miller's Chili RecipesI’m Chuck “The Chili Guy” Miller!

Why “The Chili Guy”? I got this nickname in college when I held a dorm-wide chili cook-off. All we had to cook with was a microwave, an ancient half-busted stove, a $12 budget, and a dream. And you know what? I made some of the best chili of my life that day. I have made some pretty amazing chili recipes since then though.

You could say that the chili cook-off was fate. Once I was known as “The Chili Guy”, what could I do? I had to keep making chili. Chili taught me to love cooking and it’s still my favorite dish. This led me to collect some of my favorite chili recipes. Chili can be remixed and experimented with in so many awesome ways. It just never gets old.

So turn up the heat and let’s get cooking!

– Chuck “The Chili Guy” Miller



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