Which Chili Powder Is Spicy?

Chili powder is made from ground chili peppers and other spices, but the exact formula can vary from one product to the next, meaning that the flavor and spice level won’t always be the same. One way to tell which chili powder is spicy when you’re looking at a grocery store shelf is to check out the ingredient labels. Take a look at what type of pepper was used to make each blend. Here is a list of common chili powder peppers ranked from least spicy to most spicy:

  • Ancho pepper
  • Chipotle pepper
  • Cayenne pepper

If you want a hotter blend, pick a chili powder with more cayenne pepper; if you prefer your chili pepper milder, cayenne will be a red flag for you.

International Flavors

Chili powder is tasty in more cuisines than Tex-Mex, so if you’re thinking of branching out by trying a chili powder with an international flair, you have a few interesting options:

  • Korean gochugaru powder packs a spicy kick.
  • In Indian dishes, powdered Kashmiri pepper adds a mild spice and fruity flavor similar to sweet paprika.
  • Peri peri powder comes from an African pepper with a smoky flavor profile.
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