What to Do When Chili Is Too Salty

When chili or any other dish is too salty, there are two remedies: starch and sugar. Once the chili has been salted too heavily, you can’t take back the salt, but you can balance the flavor of your chili. If it’s only a little bit too salty, try adding a little sugar to the pot. You could also add some starch by including quinoa, potatoes, potato flakes, more beans, or cornstarch. If you choose to add cornstarch, avoid adding it directly to the chili because it will clump: Instead, mix cornstarch with some water to form a slurry, then add it in sparingly, tasting the effect on the chili as you go. If you have tortillas, you can also grind them in your food processor and add them to the chili. The starch will reduce the salt flavor and thicken your chili nicely. Vegetables will also do a lot to neutralize the salty taste, especially broccoli and mushrooms. Low-sodium cheese like mozzarella or low-fat sour cream can balance salt as well.

Chuck 'The Chili Guy' Miller

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