Chili Peppers You Can Put in Chili

Chili is called chili because it gets its flavor from chili peppers. Usually, chili uses cayenne pepper, but did you know that there are lots of other chili peppers that you can use in chili, too? Some of them are mild and sweet, and others are super-hot. Some of them are usually sold fresh, while others are dried or turned into powder. And some of them are probably familiar, like the jalapeno peppers we put on nachos or stuff with cheese, but there are probably others you’ve never heard of.

Here are some types of chili peppers that people put in chili:

  • Fresno chilies
  • Jalapeno
  • Chipotle
  • Guajillo
  • Poblano
  • New Mexico chilies
  • Habanero
  • Serrano

It’s worth trying out some of these other types of peppers in your next batch of chili. But do your research first: Some of them are really, really hot!

Chuck 'The Chili Guy' Miller

Hey I'm Chuck "The Chili Guy" Miller. Chili is my passion so I have expertly crafted my list of tried and true award worthy chili recipes that will warm your soul. My gift to you from one chili connoisseur to another. - Chuck

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