How to Fix Chili When It’s Too Thick

When your chili is too thick, it’s easy to thin it out a bit. Just add some liquid. You can add beef, chicken, or veggie broth, or you can add a can of tomato sauce. You could add water, too, but it will dilute the flavor of the chili.

Then again, chili can be perfectly fine if it’s a little on the thick side. Chili can be thin like soup or thick like a stew. There’s no one right way to make chili: It’s up to you to make it however you like it!

Chuck 'The Chili Guy' Miller

Hey I'm Chuck "The Chili Guy" Miller. Chili is my passion so I have expertly crafted my list of tried and true award worthy chili recipes that will warm your soul. My gift to you from one chili connoisseur to another. - Chuck

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